Mar 13 – Two Bible Studies and a Meeting

We joined a group of 10 for their Bible study this morning … a lively discussion for a group that prior to Community Bible Study had very little experience reading the Bible. We were encouraged to see how they are opening up and sharing so easily in comparison to a few years ago. The key leaders of this study, Robert and Ann, make up our National Servants Team, so we had planned lunch with them after the study to discuss the ministry and how things were developing with our plans for this summer. They were as excited about the opportunities opening up at IBI as we are.

We had 6-7 hours before our next appointment, so we decided to drive up to Rush to learn our way around some more and drive through some of the surrounding towns. By the time we got to Rush it was time for coffee and a snack (teatime as they call it here in Ireland) so we decided to visit a coffee house that Jonathan had recommended. It turned out to be more of a restaurant than a coffee house, so we had an early and light dinner.

We headed back to our apartment for a while to pack up some things to leave at Jonathan and Becky’s house until we come back in July. For several years enough our landlords have been kind enough to keep about 4 boxes of stuff for us so that we didn’t have to take it with us or leave it with others and then collect it once we got here. Now that we will no longer be staying with them it wouldn’t be right to have them store it any longer.

While I’m writing this at the home of friends Colin and Rosemary, Patti is with Rosemary at Els’ home for study and Colin is at an elders’ meeting. The big news coming out before they left for Bible study was the selection of the new Pope. This will be a topic all of these ladies are very interested in, so they might be distracted from their normal discussion.

Well Patti and Rosemary have returned and we are now back in our apartment … and the ladies did not get diverted from the Bible study 🙂

We have been glad to experience another day of the weather forecasters being wrong. There has been a lot of sunshine though it is still just above freezing. They had been predicting snow yesterday and today, but we have seen none of it, just a few rain showers … praise God!

2 thoughts on “Mar 13 – Two Bible Studies and a Meeting

  1. sounds like you had a great day Sam. We are praying for you both and really happy that things are working out for you all.

  2. HI Sam and Patti!
    I enjoy reading your daily updates and will continue to pray for you. Praise God for what He is already doing!!! You are definitely where God wants you to be!

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