Mar 16 – Caleb Presentations

In addition to the previously mentioned messages and training, the Calebs (CBSI missionaries) were given the opportunity to share some about their countries and ministries. Below are pictures of the Calebs attending as well as our European Director, Glenn Collard, and Veronica Alvarez, his regional director assisting him in Europe and our immediate supervisor. Veronica also currently serves as the CBSI-UK Director.

After we shared about the ministry in Ireland, some young ladies from Lithuania (there with Marietta Smith pictured below) shared with us that they had friends from Lithuania in Ireland. They told us where they were going to church (not far north of where we will be living) and that they thought they might be interested in doing some CBSI studies, especially if they could get them in Lithuanian like they were using. Talking with Marietta later about this, she even offered to come and bring some of her leaders to train leaders for that if we found that they were interested.

Veronica is seeking to promote the Caleb ministry in the UK and to get study leaders and participants interested in either becoming Calebs (to their home countries in many cases as the UK has many immigrants) or to make trips to support the Calebs in making contacts. In pursuing this goal, we are discussing with Veronica the possibility of visiting classes in the UK to share about the Caleb ministry and about the ministry in Ireland.

Richard & Veronica Alvarez

Veronica Alvarez with her husband Richard. This picture was taken in their kitchen/dining area after the conference, as was the picture of Glenn and Marietta.

Glenn Collard & Marietta Smith

Glenn Collard is the CBSI-Europe Director. Marietta Smith serves CBSI in Lithuania where she is living. She was able to bring quite a few Lithuanian leaders with her to the conference.

Janet Phillips & Kristen Kessler

Janet Phillips (far right) and Kristin Kessler (far left) serve with CBSI in Wales. Since Wales is part of the UK, several of the leaders that they have trained were attending the conference also. This was Kristen’s first official trip as a Caleb.

Fielder & Gretchen Israel

Fielder & Gretchen Israel serve CBSI in France. France obviously is not part of the UK, but are also supervised and supported by Veronica, so they were invited to the conference also. They live in Williamsburg and became Calebs as a result of Patti sharing at Gretchen’s CBS class in Williamsburg.

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