Mar 17 – On the Road Again

As part of our worship time in the morning at the conference, several people were invited to share how CBSI had impacted their lives. Among these were our dear friends from Northern Ireland, Sammy & Joan.

Sammy And Joan Sharing

Sammy And Joan Sharing

I tried to capture a video of it, but the sound did not pick up and my camera’s battery died during the recording. It is always fun listening to Joan tell a story!

The conference wrapped up after lunch. Veronica had invited each of the Calebs to stay a couple of days after the conference at her home. Those that were able to did so and here’s a picture of most of us gathered around their dining room table. Patti and I were the first ones to arrive and were able to enjoy watching beautiful snow falling outside their dining room window with Richard, Veronica’s husband.

Dinner @ Veronica's

Dinner @ Veronica’s

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