Apr 30 – On the Road Again

Sam and Patti are flying again today, enroute to Barcelona, Spain for a bi-annual CBSI-Europe country leaders conference 2-5 May. The conference is actually an hour or so outside of Barcelona.

Life has been so hectic lately that we have not had time to let many people know ahead of time that this was coming up. On top of preparations for our longer stay in Ireland beginning July 16th, Patti has been in Tennessee for two weeks. Our youngest son and daughter-in-law, Ken and Chalisa, are expecting their third child soon. Chalisa has been having early labor (original due date is May 19th) and contractions and had been put on bed rest, so Patti went out to help take care of their 3-year-old and 1-year-old. Fortunately, she was able to take our oldest granddaughter with her to help out. We thought she would have the baby while Patti was there, but no appearance yet. Because of when the original due date was set, they can’t induce labor until May 14th even though the baby is already 9 pounds. If they wait much longer even now, they will probably have to do a C-Section. As much as we hate not being with them, we’re hoping for a safe and healthy delivery while we are in Spain. We currently plan to head back out there on May 10th just after we get back from Spain on May 6th.

Meanwhile back home, on top of working full-time, Sam has been taking care of the home-front, which includes a lot of paperwork and organizing to try to get our house refinanced to cut our costs while living in Ireland (our daughter and family are moving into the house and making payments rather than us selling it). We just found out last week that our shed is in such bad condition that VA is requiring repairs / painting be done for them to back the loan. Hoping to get repair work done while we are in Spain, Sam and our daughter’s family spent 2 1/2 days cleaning out the shed, getting rid of junk and relocating things we’re keeping this weekend. We just got an estimate this morning that is way out of line with our plans and taking too long, making it almost impossible to complete this loan by the closing date, especially with us being gone for a week. Please pray for wisdom in making decisions about this.

We are very much looking forward to some refreshing and relaxing time alone in Spain in addition to fellowship with CBSI leaders from around Europe.

As indicated earlier, we have made our flight plans for our 3-month stay in Ireland. We will be heading there July 16th and plan to return October 1st. Please be in prayer for our preparations and fund-raising as that will only be two weeks after Sam retires on July 1st.

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