July 31 – Helping Out at the Irish Bible Institute

I arranged with Louise, who I met at the IBI open house last week, to come in today to help her with the area of search engine optimization of their web sites (improving their position of appearance on search engines such as google). This is obviously not my purpose for being in Ireland, but we are seeking to use all of our skills to network and open doors to meet people and engage them and those they contact to find those interested in in-depth Bible study.

Due to missing my intended train (pulled away as I was getting my ticket) and having to wait an hour for the next one, I was late for our appointment. The good news is that I arrived just as they were preparing for tea, so I got to join them (about half a dozen staff that were there at the time, including the Principal) and fellowship over tea, coffee, and biscuits (cookies). They were interested in knowing more about my background, so I shared some of our story. It was encouraging to get to share about CBSI and why we had come to Ireland with so many of the IBI staff and volunteers at one time.

Louise and I worked together for about an hour, looking at their web sites and discussing ideas for improvement, especially seeking to understand their search engine analysis and how to improve their chances of prospects finding their site when doing internet searches. We both agreed upon some assignments for our next appointment. It was again encouraging that she was wanting to know more about CBSI as I was preparing to leave and showed interest in exploring it further.

During both the open house last week and during this visit I was encouraged to consider attending (auditing) an intensive one-week master’s course at the end of August. Pray for God’s leading in this and for His provision (about $400) if He would have me attend. It seems like it may be a strategic opportunity to interact with pastors and ministry leaders from around Ireland.

July 28 – Church in Donabate

On Sunday, we worshiped at the church that Jonathan & Becky (our landlords) attend in Donabate, another small village about 20 minutes away. We stayed for tea and coffee afterwards and got to fellowship with the pastor and one other couple who were also fairly new to the church.

We expect to be visiting quite a few different churches on Sundays in order to network and expand our opportunities for ministry, but this is one that we may want to call ‘home’.

After church, we went to have lunch at and visit Newbridge Desmesne (pronounced de-main, like domain with similar meaning) just outside Donabate. We have found that almost all castles and historic properties have a cafe that serves a suitable lunch. After enjoying a nice lunch there, we walked around the grounds which is sort of a zoo on a farm.  It has quite a variety of animals, including turkeys from the U.S., so we felt right at home. We had to take our time as there were numerous occasions to stand in a shed or under big trees to avoid the light rain that attended our visit. We will probably go back another day to tour the house.

July 23 – Irish Bible Institute Open House

Irish Bible Institute

Loving God, Head, Heart, and Hands

Today we attended an open house at the Irish Bible Institute. We got to meet several of the staff, including the Principal (Director) who gave a lecture on the Great Commission. We thought we were a little late arriving, but in fact were the first to arrive … still adjusting to the Irish culture 🙂

Louise was one of the first to greet us and as we got to know her and shared with her that we were with Community Bible Study International, she remembered that someone had told her about the study and about us coming to stay in Ireland. She realized that it was one of her best friends who attends one of the studies and that we have known for years.

When I learned that she was responsible for IBI publicity and their web sites, I told her that we might possibly work together on their web sites as I had offered to help their technical support person with those responsibilities. She was ready with questions and specific areas she wanted to work on, so we arranged to get together the following week.

We also met Joan who oversees the student mentoring program in Jonathan’s absence. Jonathan, our landlord, teaches at IBI and is responsible for that program. He had suggested in March that Patti and I could serve as mentors for students who were not able to find one in their home church and Joan affirmed that

Getting to IBI and back was a new experience in Ireland as we took the train from Rush and back … our first time on the train in Ireland. It is very convenient as the train station in Rush is a 5-10 minute drive from home and the station in Dublin is a 5-10 minute walk from IBI. It’s about a 30 minute ride where it would take about an hour to drive. We planned for an early arrival so that we could walk around Dublin a bit and have plenty of time to find the Ulysses House where IBI has classes. While walking in the area, we found a restaurant to eat where Patti and Cathy Rutman had eaten before.

July 22 – Getting Familiar with Rush

We took some time the beginning of our second week back in Ireland to get more familiar with the local town. We started with lunch at a delightful little coffee house a short walk from the harbour. The coffee house is called The Thatch and has a lovely setting outside to enjoy a snack or a meal.

The Thatch Coffee House

The Thatch Coffee House

We enjoyed chatting with a very friendly young waitress who we found out lives just around the corner from us. She seemed quite astonished that we would leave America to come live in Ireland, even for a short time. She obviously had a less favorable view of Ireland than we do.

We had a delightful lunch … and yes, that is iced tea, peach tea even! This will definitely be a favorite spot to visit 🙂

Lunch at The Thatch

Lunch at The Thatch

July 2013 – First Week Back in Ireland

Having recovered from jet lag and finished all essential tasks of settling in to our new adventure in Ireland, I am finding some time to update everyone on what has been going on this past week.

Monday, July 15: We finished up some final pre-flight tasks, including picking up some last-minute prescriptions from Joint Base Langley-Eustis and some stress-relieving massages for Patti and our daughter, Tonya. Then Tonya and her daughters took us to Richmond, VA where friends Tim and Cathy Rutman were meeting us to have dinner, share a hotel stay, and then take us to the airport Tuesday morning. After dinner, Tonya and the girls headed back to Newport News to continue the transformation of the Allgood home to the Murphy home.

Relaxing in Boston Logan Airport

Relaxing in Boston Logan Airport

Tuesday, July 16: After arriving at the airport through a joint effort of hotel shuttle and the Rutmans, we were pleased to find that only one bag was overweight and could easily be taken care of with a little shifting to another bag and that Aer Lingus would not be charging extra for more that 1 checked bags each. We had brunch at the airport with Tim and Cathy and then were off to Boston with no delay. Delay was not a concern though as we had a 5+ hour layover in Boston. We had a relaxing time in Boston and fairly comfortable flights from Richmond and on to Dublin.

Wednesday, July 17: We arrived in Dublin at 8 am and were greeted by missionary friend Roger Basick. Roger had emailed earlier that he was going to be in Dublin the day we arrived and asked about welcoming us at the airport. Further email exchanges resulted in his availability to transport us from the airport to our new residence (22 The Cairn, Rush, Co Dublin, Ireland). Roger was actually traveling with his boss, Stephen Cardy, director of Focus on the Family – Ireland, whom we had met before. It turns out that they had a scheduled interview in Swords later in the morning and Rush is not far from Swords. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with Roger and Stephen and talked about future ministry opportunities in a work that Stephen helped to start in the Limerick area.

After Roger and Stephen’s departure and unpacking a few things, we drove to Skerries to enjoy lunch at one of our favorite local pubs with a most unique name … Stoop Your Head. We love their seafood chowder and expect to visit there often. We enjoyed a walk along the Skerries beach before heading back to the house and continuing the unpacking, checking emails, updating Facebook to let people know we had arrived safely, and getting settled. We then enjoyed a nice meal left by a friend of ours and the homeowners, relaxed some, and headed to bed for about 10 hours of sleep!

Thursday, July 18th: After a late wake-up, we headed out to do some shopping and to pick up some things we had left with our landlords on our last trip. We had a good visit with them, but they were saddened to discover when we were ready to leave that they could not find the bags we had left with them even though they have kept many bags and boxes for us over the years. The only thing of concern was my Irish telephone, especially since we had found that Patti’s was not activating when she reinserted the Irish sim card, so now we were without any mobile phone 😦

We spent about 6 hours after that shopping for groceries and some household items, having lunch, getting a new sim card for Patti’s phone, and trying to get some dollars exchanged. Changes in policies by a mobile phone company and banks since our last trip were the cause of the need for a new sim card and not being able to exchange dollars at the bank. Then back home for a late-night dinner and another long sleep.

Friday, July 19th: An early morning email from our landlords greeted us with the welcome news that they had found our bags, so we headed back to Finglas to pick them up and visit with them again for a short while. But there was still more shopping to do … we found out that IKEA takes a long time to get through. Fortunately, we have found that the sun doesn’t go down in Ireland this time of year until 10pm, so I still had time to cut the grass while Patti placed some plants we had purchased before another late dinner and relaxing evening.


Beach in Rush

Beach in Rush


Saturday, July 20th: Saturday was a more relaxing day … finishing up yard work and putting together a patio table and island for the kitchen. We then went out for a walk around the neighborhood and found our way to the local beach (Rush is somewhat of a beach resort town) … a good distance for a healthy walk.




2013-07-21 18.12.32Sunday, July 21st: The jet lag is slowly wearing off, but we got up too late to go to church as planned, but we did get to enjoy some extended time with the Lord and listening to the local Christian radio station. After a late brunch, we headed out to enjoy seeing some of Ireland, north and away from Dublin. We ended up at the Hill of Tara, one of the more famous historical sites in Ireland and a great place for relaxing, walking and enjoying the scenery, as well as some more seafood chowder. That brings us up to date.

Our first meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday as we attend an open house at the Irish Bible Institute where God has opened a door of opportunity for ministry that we are excited to see develop. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to seek to pursue God’s calling for us here in Ireland.


July 2013 – Preparing For Extended Stay

The last few weeks have been a time of big changes and exhausting schedules, yet full of expectations of exciting things on the horizon …

  • 25 June: Our daughter and family moved into our house with us
  • 1 July: Sam retired from his job with the city of Newport News and joined the efforts at home preparing for our departure and setting up our daughter’s family in our house
  • 3 July: Sam and Patti shared with some friends about our ministry and move at our previous church
  • 8 July: Sam had his scheduled doctor’s appointment and learned that his blood sugar levels are now just below the trigger point for diabetes for the first time since diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago (Praise God for His healing touch)
  • 9 July: had a contractor come by to take a look at some problem areas discovered on our roof over the weekend
  • 10 July: celebrated our daughter’s birthday with shopping, a hair appointment, and lunch out … a no-packing day!

These special events have been surrounded by long days of packing, organizing, discarding and donating ‘stuff’, trying unsuccessfully to find a new washing machine to replace a dying one,  as well as some fun meals and coffees with local friends. Saturday evening some friends are hosting a farewell dinner with an Irish theme, Sunday afternoon we are visiting Patti’s dad for dinner (a 5-hour round-trip drive). Somewhere in there we will find time to pack suitcases for 2 1/2 months in Ireland beginning with a flight from Richmond, VA at 1pm on Tuesday.

Prayer Requests:

  • Energy and good health in these last days of preparations
  • That the contractor’s estimate for repairing the roof would be reasonable and affordable
  • Discernment in prioritizing the remaining things to be done before leaving … there’s just not enough time to do it all
  • Discernment in making plans once in Ireland … for the first time we are arriving with no scheduled meetings, though we do have many opportunities to follow up on
  • For God to open doors and give us boldness as we seek to encourage and assist Irish Christ-followers in making the Word of God a key element in their walk with Him
  • Additional financial partners to team with us in this ministry

May God richly bless you all as you serve Him where you are.