July 22 – Getting Familiar with Rush

We took some time the beginning of our second week back in Ireland to get more familiar with the local town. We started with lunch at a delightful little coffee house a short walk from the harbour. The coffee house is called The Thatch and has a lovely setting outside to enjoy a snack or a meal.

The Thatch Coffee House

The Thatch Coffee House

We enjoyed chatting with a very friendly young waitress who we found out lives just around the corner from us. She seemed quite astonished that we would leave America to come live in Ireland, even for a short time. She obviously had a less favorable view of Ireland than we do.

We had a delightful lunch … and yes, that is iced tea, peach tea even! This will definitely be a favorite spot to visit 🙂

Lunch at The Thatch

Lunch at The Thatch

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