July 28 – Church in Donabate

On Sunday, we worshiped at the church that Jonathan & Becky (our landlords) attend in Donabate, another small village about 20 minutes away. We stayed for tea and coffee afterwards and got to fellowship with the pastor and one other couple who were also fairly new to the church.

We expect to be visiting quite a few different churches on Sundays in order to network and expand our opportunities for ministry, but this is one that we may want to call ‘home’.

After church, we went to have lunch at and visit Newbridge Desmesne (pronounced de-main, like domain with similar meaning) just outside Donabate. We have found that almost all castles and historic properties have a cafe that serves a suitable lunch. After enjoying a nice lunch there, we walked around the grounds which is sort of a zoo on a farm.  It has quite a variety of animals, including turkeys from the U.S., so we felt right at home. We had to take our time as there were numerous occasions to stand in a shed or under big trees to avoid the light rain that attended our visit. We will probably go back another day to tour the house.

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