Aug 2-3 – Visitors and Visiting

Our friends, Sammy & Joan from Northern Ireland, came for an overnight visit Friday night. As always, we had a wonderful time of fellowship together, mostly just relaxing and enjoying each others company. Sammy and Joan cooked us a ‘full Irish breakfast’ Saturday morning, so we got to learn a little more about Irish cooking.

Sammy & Joan

Sammy & Joan

A Full Irish Breakfast

A Full Irish Breakfast

We took them for tea to the cafe at Ardgillan castle which is only about 10 minutes from us and has, in our opinion, some of the most beautiful grounds and views in all of Ireland (click on the image of the castle to go to Ardgillan’s web site for more pictures). That is the Irish Sea and Northern Ireland in the background, seen more clearly in Ardgillan’s pictures.
Ardgillan Castle

Ardgillan Castle – the first view as you approach from the parking lot.

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