Aug 5 – Another Ancestral Site

When we returned to Dublin from visiting Stradbally Hall, we decided to stop by for a short visit at another site with potential family connections, Rathfarnham Castle, which was built by Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin in the late 16th century. The connection was actually through the Cosbys of Stradbally Hall. Charles Cosby, the first Cosby to come to the U.S. in the early 17th century, married Mary Loftus who was supposedly the daughter of Adam Loftus, but I have not yet been able to prove this.

Anyhow, we found it very interesting that this castle is very near to several of the CBSI Bible studies in Ireland, just a good walk from the home where two of the studies meet.

Rathfarnham Castle

Rathfarnham Castle

At the time of our visit I was becoming more and more convinced that there was more evidence that Mary was not the daughter of Adam, but since have found some sources that make me more confident that Archbishop Loftus is indeed my 10th great grandfather. That and about 2 Euro will get me a cup of coffee in Ireland, but it is interesting to discover.

We went back there for a visit later in the week with some friends and were able to tour the castle and have lunch in the tea room. I was surprised that they did not have any paintings of the Archbishop as we had see one that was almost from the floor to the ceiling earlier in Malahide Castle near where we live.

Sam at the entrance to Rathfarnham Castle

Sam at the entrance to Rathfarnham Castle

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