Jan 24 – Dublin Area Ladies Retreat

Patti is away this evening through tomorrow night at a local ladies retreat. The retreat is organized by some current and former CBSI-Ireland leaders for ladies in their studies and their friends. They are expecting almost 100 ladies to come this weekend.

The organizer asked Patti to bring some CBSI brochures with contact information for the local studies so that those who are not currently involved will know where the studies and contacts are.

Pray for the new contacts they make and for renewed interest in studying the Bible with other ladies as well as for opportunities to engage interested husbands.

Jan 23 – Safely Back in Ireland

We arrived back in Ireland early Wednesday morning and were home early enough to go straight to bed to catch up on the sleep lost flying overnight.

During our time in Ireland during November and December we were kept so busy with visitors and the holidays that I did not get any blogging done, so I will be trying to catch up with all the news over the next week … so keep watching!