Feb 2 – A Full and Blessed Sunday

Sunday was a full day, beginning with worship at Donabate Presbyterian Church which has become our church home here in Ireland. We’re enjoying making new friends there and connecting with the energetic young pastor and his wife. Having another worship gathering an hour away at 2pm, we grabbed a quick lunch at a little cafe in a local garden shop we enjoy.

In the afternoon we joined several friends at on the Dublin south side. This was another time of worship, testimonies, and fellowship with a couple of hundred Christ-followers celebrating their life in Christ.

After this we visited and had dinner with dear friends Jono and Denice who lead CBSI studies in Bray. It’s always fun to visit with them as the whole family is into learning to play multiple musical instruments … they should eventually be able to have their own band!

We finally got home about 9pm, 11 hours after leaving, making for a very full day.

2 thoughts on “Feb 2 – A Full and Blessed Sunday

  1. Hiya Sam and Patti,
    I’ll be in Ireland 25 Feb. — 28 Mar., and this is just the type of “full day Sundays” I hope to have while I’m there. Maybe we can connect: I’ll try to attend any conferences or seminars happening in Dublin and visit as many churches/Bible studies in Kerry and Cork as I can get to. Not to preach or teach, just to observe and make contacts. Will you be in Ireland through March?
    God bless,

  2. love reading about your ministry there in Ireland and is especially interesting to us since we know many of the people and places that you go to. Keep up the good work and may God truly Bless your ministry in Ireland

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