Feb 5-7 – The Beginning of a Children’s Ministry?

We had the pleasure this week of having visitors from across the Irish Sea … the Directors of the UK Children and Youth Ministry. Wednesday evening they joined us in visiting one of the ladies CBSI Bible studies. This study has several ladies who had expressed an interest in using CBSI materials with children and youth, either for their own children or for those in schools where they teach.

After a delightful Bible study, 5 of the ladies joined us around the table to see some sample studies and to hear how they were being used in the UK, as well as how they were adaptable to many environments and situations. Two of the ladies in particular were keen to take several samples home to review and consider which best suited their situations, possibly for use in after-school programs. Discussions have already begun for Simon and Ann to return in April to train these ladies and other interested leaders.

One of the other ladies in the study came to our house with her husband for dinner and to learn about the C&Y studies as they are long-time friends of ours and have known Simon and Ann for many years also. We had another wonderful evening together discussing how the studies might be used with the children in their church.

We have been praying for years, as have many of you, for the right doors to open for the use of CBSI studies among children and youth here in Ireland. It appears that those doors are opening and God has provided the means to respond to these opportunities. Continue to pray with us that He would direct and give wisdom to those who are desiring to use these studies and those who make the decisions to bless their use, that the children and youth of Ireland can rediscover the joy of learning God’s Word.

3 thoughts on “Feb 5-7 – The Beginning of a Children’s Ministry?

  1. Great newsletter Sam, thanks for sending it. When I was a young Christian I taught a Sunday school class for 12-year-olds. That is the perfect age to introduce them to Jesus. They usually have a desire to memorize the word also. Not like working with old people the brains are gone like me. Been praying for you and Patty and your health.

    The foreign currency exchange is supposed to happen soon. But they have been saying that for a long time. Miss seeing you on Friday morning. Jim and Valerie

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