Feb 15 – Tine Conference Report

Thank you all for praying for the Irish Tine Conference this weekend. Tine is pronounced Chĭna. It was a fruitful time for us, both learning more about the Irish religious mindset and making some key strategic contacts. Being able to have an information table at these type of conferences is proving to be quite beneficial.

Last night we reconnected with a couple who hosted us at a B&B when visiting the western side of Ireland this summer. They were keen to talk more and were very interested to learn more about the Bible studies.

Over lunch we met Peter, the new director of Alpha-Ireland. Alpha publishes videos about the basic doctrines of Christianity to be used in small group discussions. We have been seeking for several years to connect with Alpha-Ireland to pursue a collaborative relationship as we see CBSI studies as an excellent follow-up to Alpha. Peter seemed to be very open to pursuing a relationship with us as he is looking for more effective follow-up to Alpha. I hope to have a meeting with him within the next couple of weeks, so pray for some productive time together.

Shortly after my discussion with Peter over lunch, Richard came by our information table and said he would like more information about our studies. I learned that Richard is the interim director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland. We know their previous director and still have a great relationship with him, but Richard was not familiar with our ministry. He was very interested to engage further also as he works to connect churches, ministries, and resources throughout Ireland.

We are very thankful for God giving us these connections and look forward to making similar connections at the RELaY conference in Malta next week. Thanks again for praying with us.

2 thoughts on “Feb 15 – Tine Conference Report

  1. How exciting it is to get in on what God is doing!. Sounds like He is really at work there with hearts that are eager to connect and to get the right studies available.and in the right hands. Don’t doubt that you are in the right place and time. Awesome. Just keep walking, by faith and in abiding power..
    love you both,

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