Oct 7, 2014 – Training Day

Over the last year, Patti has been attending a ladies Bible study in Donabate, about 20 minutes from where we were living in Rush. The leader of the study and several of the ladies worshipped the same church with us in Donabate. Though they were not a CBSI study, they functioned much like one. The study was made up of 15-18 ladies from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Since Donabate was still about 20 minutes from our new apartment, we decided to continue to participate in the study and the church.

When Antoinette, the study leader, told Patti before their summer break that she was planning on studying Joshua this year, Patti asked if she would be interested in looking at the CBSI study in Joshua. She was interested and once she reviewed it, she wanted to use it. She was also excited to hear of CBSI’s team approach to leadership and that we provided training. Before we went home for a few weeks in September, we arranged to train any of the ladies interested in being part of the group’s leadership or in possibly starting a study elsewhere, either in their local community here or in their home country when they returned.

On 7 Oct, most of the ladies came for training by Sam and Patti. Antoinette had already agreed to be the primary leader / teacher, but we let them know that we really wanted for others, as God led, to step up to either teach, facilitate a discussion group, or be the coordinator. By the end of the day, we had a volunteer for discussion group facilitator and since have had another as well as a couple to share the teaching load. Patti had agreed earlier to help in these roles as needed, but it looks like God is raising up the leaders that are needed. Praising Him!

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