Oct 19-23, 2014 – Cathy Rutman Visits

We had the joy this week of having Cathy Rutman visiting for a few days. Cathy arrived late Sunday night, so we had a late evening of catching up. On Monday we had a visit with the host family that we rent from and that Tim and Cathy rented from for several years. Later in the day we visited and had dinner with other dear friends that were instrumental in helping to get the CBSI-Ireland ministry 15 years ago and even before.

Tuesday, after Cathy attended a new ladies CBSI study in Donabate with Patti, we all hopped on the train for a day in Dublin, shopping in her old ‘stomping grounds’. Below is a picture of us waiting for the train.

Allgoods & Cathy Rutman

Allgoods & Cathy Rutman

On Wednesday, we drove up to Northern Ireland to enjoy an extended lunch at “The Brass Monkey” with dear friends Sammy & Joan. This was a special time of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Joan and Cathy meeting at Belfast Bible College. Apologies for the blurry picture … using an old mobile phone 🙂

Joan, Cathy, & Patti

Joan, Cathy, & Patti

Early Thursday morning Cathy returned to Budapest where she and her daughter have been visiting her grandson, his wife, and their two-month-old baby.

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