Nov 6, 2018

Our trip to Ireland began on an encouraging note as Sam and Patti met up with Gayle Trivits at the Richmond Airport to fly together to Dublin. Gayle has applied to join the Allgoods and Driscolls as a Community Bible Study ambassador to Ireland. Since she had made it through most of the process of being accepted for training as an ambassador, we had invited her to join us for a week on this trip to get a taste of what the ministry involves.

Allgoods & Gayle in Richmond Airport

What a joy to learn at the airport that she had received final approval for training in the next class. The trip over went well and after a day of settling in and getting extra sleep, we were ready to hit the road running. Looking forward to the week ahead!

Gayle leads the Children & Youth ministry in the CBS class in Lynchburg, VA with Jean Driscoll and the original ambassador to Ireland, Cathy Rutman (who now serves on Gayle’s C&Y team). We are thrilled to have Gayle on the team and look forward to what God is going to do through her in Ireland over the coming years.